Olikar of the Seven Spires

Olinkar was a small city on The Salara River. It was best known for its blue tiles and the Seven Blue Towers that rose above the city.

On the Night of Broken Shadows the Salara had flooded its banks and most of the population was awake. This flooding extended into the city cemetery or the Carnes as it was called. That combined with overlapping passages between the sewers and the catacombs minimized the effect of the dead rising. Assassins managed to kill much of the ruling class including Baron Osekyr and most of his family. Fortunately the Knights of the Briar managed to save his sons Kyth and Vellin. Fire destroyed much of the Northern and Western Districts but the city held on.

Over the Next 20 years Olinkar was under near constant conflict with the Gurigon Mal or Black Tongued Goblins including a two year siege. Baron Kyth proved to be an able leader and his brother Sir Vellin was always by his side. They continued to be plagued by murder, plagues and ill fortune but slowly over time they drove back the Gurigon.

The dowager Baroness Lynith the Sad was besieged on all sides. The Re-emerged Black Tongue ravaged the country side, plague and blight cut through the land. Despite her best efforts the city had begun a slide into ruin and decay. Most outsiders believed that the city would arrive within a year. But that was before Viscount Bardis Canne of Hyrithan arrived.

The Viscount (an exiled adventurer) was hired by the Baroness as a final desperate measure in hopes of driving back the Black Tongue. Never was money so well spent. At the Battle of Irin Falls the Baroness’s guard, supported by his two personal mages; Scarlet Mimb and Anathin the Golden defeated their goblin foes.

Two years later, the Baroness married the Viscount.

Two years later she gave birth to a daughter Nesrida,

One year later she gave birth to another Daughter Tallara

Almost two years later She gave birth to a son, Danaris (named for the Viscount’s Father)

A year and a half later, on Nasida’s 4th Birthday, a mendicant brother of Myrot the Wanderer presented himself to bless the child.

The stranger unleashed the power of the Dark Wanderer upon them and killed the Baroness, her two daughters and many of her closest supporters before he was stopped.

The Viscount quickly assumed the title of Baron Bardis of Olinkar and ordered all followers of the Wanderer rounded up and put to the sword. He demanded that the populous pay homage to the gods in the manner of his homeland and set about securing his position as Baron. Over the next 6th months his persecution of the Baroness’s supporters reached a breaking point and last fall they rebelled.

On the 56th of Telin the Rebel Forces led by the self proclaimed Baron Nartok (Cousin of the late Baroness Lynith) led the rebel forces against the army of Baron Bardis. Beset with bad luck and poor planning Nartok’s ill equipped army met outside the town of Ullindale.

The rebel forces (mostly composed of inexperienced militias and conscripts) began to fall apart as soon as Scarlet Mimb unleashed a barrage of fireballs and within moments a rout began. Nartok’s forces retreated to Ullindale. The town was neither designed nor supplied to face a siege and by the 62nd it had fallen and the Rebel leaders were all in loyalist hands.

Baron Bardis ordered the town destroyed and all of its occupants put to the sword. The New Year came in as the town burned and the last of its occupants passed from this world.

Olikar of the Seven Spires

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