PelenharPelenhar was once the greatest nation in the World. Its glories were unrivaled until the Night of Broken Shadows, When all the evils that had been repressed or thought destroyed rose up to shatter the Kingdom. The royal line was cut, its great cities put to the flame and her knightly orders destroyed. Fortunately when all seemed lost, The Council of Blood turned upon itself and at the moment of it’s triumph, its victorious armies cast aside their achievements, betraying each other in persuit of their own advantage.

After decades of suffering alone, brave heroes from the other lands have begun to land on Pelenhar’s shores, drawn by the urge to try to rebuild what had once been greatest of the great empires, and banding together with the survivors of the shattered empire in a attempt to reclaim what was lost.

The ancient evils that tore down the most glorious kingdom in history still move across the land, warring with each other and anyone else who would oppose them. Fate has cast you upon these troubled shores. In the Twelve Lost Cities and the Beshadowed Realms that have been overrun by darkness are the allies and means to reclaim the glories of the past.

Will you be the one to seek them out and overthrow The Council of Blood or will your bones be lost amongst the fallen heroes of Pelenhar the Damned?

Pelenhar the Damned

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