The Council of Blood

An excerpt from [[Thebrio’s History of Pelenhar]].

There has been much written in regards to the Council of Blood and at best it is educated speculation. The name itself came from [[Rathadra Twin Axe’s]] speech at Pyrin Falls. We know a conspiracy existed and that its members maintained some cohesion for a period of time following the Night of Broken Shadows. It is less certain that it still exists as a controlling body as now it’s members are trying to carve themselves the largest portion from the corpse of Pelenhar.
On the Night of Broken Shadows the council is known to consisted of;

  1. Axschen Shadowspeaker. The leader of The Cult of the Endless Shadow.
  2. At least one representative of the Wraith Lords, at some times it is confirmed that it was Urindar the Unmaker at others it was Myrincandor Blacksong.
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  4. Banaras, the Black Monk of Avend Dror – Necromancer Lord and apparent heir to Osgrig the Grey
  5. The Karith Thanor, Since they are no longer a military force, it is believed that they are no longer members of the Council
  6. Izrakhar the Bloody Handed, (Evil Warlord Killed by Athenaril Mistwalker).

We know the Karith Thanor have been destroyed as a military force and are no longer associated with the council. Izrakhar the Bloody died at the hand of Athenaril Mistwalker, one of the Wraith Lords and his followers view it as their divine purpose to foil the Council whenever possible. As the Wraith Lords now seem to be driven by their own goals it is doubtful that they are part of any effective counsel. We know Axschen Shadowspeaker has conferred with Banaras but as often as not, their agents act in opposition with one another.

In short, we have no reason to believe the Council of Blood outlived Pelenhar but then again we had no warning of its creation so it would be folly to assume it’s demise.

All that being said, this poor land is besieged with a number of enemies. Even if they are not united, those who made up the Council of Blood are still forces for destruction and evil in Pelenhar.

The Cult of Endless Shadows is still moving in the darkness and seeks to corrupt and destroy all of the remaining centers for humanity in Pelenhar. The Wraith Lords are all pursuing their own agenda and none of them are good. The Ilinsidhe continue to extend their influence beyond the realms of Fey. The Black Monk of Avend Dror is seeking to bring the entire nation under his control. The Karith Thanor were destroyed as a military threat but the goblin races still ravage the countryside. The followers of Izrakhar the Bloody have dedicated themselves to destroying the Wraith Kings but in the meantime they are busy causing as much destruction as possible.

Beyond this, there are the Shadow Kin, a large number of pockets of undead, Great and powerful beast and any number of dangers that predated the Night of Broken Shadows.

The Council of Blood

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