Scaled Goblins

Scaled Goblins are the smallest and least powerful of the goblin races. They small, dark green scaled, fond of poisons and usually subterranean scavengers. No smaller than kilispher, they make up for their lack of physical prowess by hunting in numbers and using pack tactic often gives them an advantage over foes who underestimate them. Although they are vicious, they use cunning and a native quickness to press their attacks while depending on their scales to ward off their foes attacks.

They are sadistic, taking pleasure in the pain and suffering of their foes. They are fond of traps, tricks and poison and the like to guard their nests and will make war on anyone who stands between them and the what they want.

Their favorite tactic is to poison a foe by trap, missile or if necessary, their own venomous bite, retreat to allow the poison to work. Once their foe is incapacitated, they rush in in overwhelming numbers to secure their prisoner for torture and consumption.

Scaled Goblins are known by a number of names. In Gobline they are call Gulrych.
In Khazdain: Wyrgolb
In Silvarin: Asriguhl

Knowledge Dungeoneering
  • DC 15: Scale Goblins like well lit places, preferring dark forest or their own subterranean lairs. When faced with strong opposition they retreat and revert to hit and run tactics.

Scaled Goblins

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