Port Bragdin

One of the largest Ports in Pelenhar, Port Bragdin was always one of the trade hubs for Pelenhar.

When the dead rose on the Night of Broken Shadows the city was blessed by it’s tradition of sea burials and that all forms of entombment were by law exterior to the cities walls. This meant that not only were there fewer dead to rise, but they were stymied by the cities defenses as well. The City Guard as well as well as Marines from the Royal Navy were successful in repulsing the undead as well as an assault by a large raiding party of Blood Goblins.

What the cities defenders were not ready for was the followers of Azolath the Song Breaker who set fire to much of the city as well as the fleet. The cultists actions threw everything into a state of chaos so that when the sea witch Ylondri Greenmantle summoned a tidal wave that wracked the coast, they were taken unawares.

Almost all of the vessels in the port were destroyed.

Port Bragdin

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