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Ivendor, the city of sorrows, Black Ivendor

Ivendor was the royal seat of the Daelisian Monarchs. It was built in 5-211 by order of King Kardyza the 1st to celebrate his unification of Pelenhar. Locate high within the Iron Fang Mountains, Ivendor is the hub around which the eight provinces revolved. It’s central location allowed it to become the center of learning, economics and a number of the martial orders that were dedicated to the service of the crown, include such orders as the Order of the Azure Star and the Iron Legion.

On the Night of Broken Shadows(6-001.1.1), the Wraith Kings arose in Ivendor even as Osgrig the Grey was slain in Aven Dor. As they appeared, their minions, who had lay waiting for a sign, rose up to sack the city and the Shadow Kin slaughtered the entire population of the Royal Hall in a single night.. Most notable amongst their forces were the Shiar Di Cal, the reanimated Kings of Pelenhar and their most potent allies. It was they who slaughtered the entire population of the Royal Hall in a single night.

To this day, Ivendor is still occupied by the Wraith Kings.

Reports from what few survivors there were there, made it clear that the Wraith Kings were hunting down and butchering anyone with so much as a trace of Daelisian Blood.

Since then the Wraith Kings have made Ivendor their own. It’s their bastion, their retreat, their citadel. When Athenaril Mistwalker slew Izrakhar the Bloody, he declared “None who live may enter Black Ivendor without our leave.”

None have entered Ivendor since and returned to tell the tale.


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