Ascaril, Lost Port of the Ulansidhe.

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Located on the northern shore of the Ulan Vierd, Ascaril was the great port city of the Ulansidhe. A deep water port situated in such a position as to be protected from the worst of the tides and storms of the Indris Ocean. The bay itself provides a wealth of seafood including halibut, cod, lobster, crab ,mackerel and shark. Likewise the Ulansidhe harvest and made use of four types of seaweed found in the near by shoals. The sands of Cape Chasalin were used to make the fine nothrilin glassware.

The white marbled towers of Ascaril rose gracefully and could be seen from as far as 100 miles asea. The Great Beacon of Ascaril is said to have reached beyond the horizon and ships from every land would follow it’s glow for days before coming within sight of land.

The Kirinthasa was Ascaril’s market district and it’s wonders were said to outshine any in Pelenhar. Exotic goods from around the world, couples with the marvels of Fey, sat next to the wares of Khazdain master craftsmen destine to cross the Endless Sea. The Wizard works to be found in the Amber Gate Market alone were enough to make The DREAMER gasp in wonder.

-Excerpt form Sister Sytina The History of the Ulinsidhe._

When the Ulansidhe set sail from Lost Amara, the West most Shore, they were driven forth by the Song Shadows of Tylinjar. They were driven beyond the Lands of Shadow, beyond the Isles of Steel and beyond the Pillars of the Stars. The were driven beyond the Shadows of Night for eight times eight days. They embraced the fragments of the great song and despite untold hardship they kept faith and held hope in their heart.

On the morning of the sixty fourth day, all save Alandar were too weak from lack of food and water too weak to rise and greet the dawn. Storm clouds roiled in the distance and thunder echoed across the unending sea as the Thain of Yricor looked out with dispair. He cursed himself as he cursed the Ilinsidhe. He stood near Aysriel Truesong whose voice was stilled in drought and thou he felt it naught, whispered; “Keep thy faith, though you voice is silent, sing in thy heart. Sing as thy hast never sung before and let the song fill the hearts of all others so that their hearts will join thee in our hopes.”

Aysriel raised her unseeing eyes towards the dawn and in her hearts of heart sang the Song of Morning. She gave herself to the song and her faith in the Lords of Light. She gave herself to the song as she had never done before. She gave herself to the Dream Unspoken. As her faith grew, the spirit of her song touched the Ulinsidhe and their hearts joined her and reached to the stars.

When Alandar felt the song touch him he smiled for his faith was restored. In a voice that barely rose above a whisper he gave form to the song the others sang. He greeted the dawn. Eyes closed, he joined the others body and soul as they thanked the maker for another day in the gem of his creation.

As the last note stilled he felt the strength leave the Ulinsidhe and knew that this would be the last time their voice would rise together. He opened his eyes and in the distance saw that the voice of glory had not deserted them. Bowed across the sky was a band of color that arched from the West to the distance. He knew this was a sign.

Alandar, the Thain of Yricor, called upon the Eight Signs of Power, and in a voice filled with hope spoke the Eight Words of Binding, and with hands shaking with weakness created the Eight Secret Signs of Making. He bound the eight winds, he bound the eight rivers of the deep and he bound the Shades of Light. By might of will he gave himself to his making and compelled the vessels of the Ulinsidhe to drive forth and seek where where the light met Arda.

He powered this spell with his faith in the Great Song, he powered this spell with his Love, he powered this Spell with his life.

None saw the vessels of the Ulinsidhe arrive on the shore of Pelenhar save for Dothin the Watcher….


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