Aren Ju Dar

Of all the lost cities of Pelenhar, Aren Ju is both the most mysterious and the most dangerous for it was and still is, the City of Dreams. No matter how dark those dreams have become. It was the home of the Ningurin Academy, the greatest university of the elemental arts and what haunts it’s streets are the stuff of nightmares

Aren Ju Dar was originally a mining town, primarily producing copper and a little silver. With a well defended castle as a base, the {{Burndyrk Barons]] secured their claims both from Goblins and the Khazdain. Although it’s wealth was never excessive, Aren Ju Dar mines never went dry. The hill beneath the town was so honeycombed with tunnels and passages that it was called the Wormwood Mountain.

In the summer of 5-348, Baron Rytter the second hired Ninguen Earthbreaker to help secure Aren Ju Dor against the Dondirot Khazdain. Ninguen , also known as The Wise for he had mastered the eightfold path was so successful that Rytter offered him a permanent home and his patronage.

In time Ninguen attracted a number of students and that was the beginning of the greatest school of magic in Pelenhar, the Ningurin Academy.

It is unknown how Aren Ju Dar fell but no one escaped and to this day strange and unnatural forces still abide there.

Aren Ju Dar

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