Tag: Monster


  • Ice Demons of Dorinjar

    h5. Excerp from [[:doctor-esvara | Doctor Esvara]]'s treatise [[Living in an Elemental World | Living in an Elemental World]] _While many will speak of the Ice Demons descending down for Dorinjar in reference to the first of the winter winds that make …

  • Finback

    A type of lizardman with large dorsal fins running up it's back.

  • Goblin

    Goblins are not a single race but are rather a category that includes a number of different races, all having certain traits and racial origins. h4. *Gobin Type* * *[[Ash Goblins]]* or Marshiroh are Kilispher sized, pale blue or green skinned, …

  • Scaled Goblins

    Scaled Goblins are the smallest and least powerful of the goblin races. They small, dark green scaled, fond of poisons and usually subterranean scavengers. No smaller than kilispher, they make up for their lack of physical prowess by hunting in numbers …