Ring of the Body

Fire based ring of limited shape changing


The Ring of the Body grants a wearer who has bonded with it the ability to change their form into that of specific creatures.

Each time the ritual of binding is performed, the number of forms allowed changes.

Ritual 1: Binding cost 500 GP and 1 hit point. 4 hours, Spellcraft DC 20
Requirement: 5th level, Charisma 14, Fire alignment
Reward: The pocessor of the ring can choose three

Ritual 2:
Requirement : Completion of Ritual 1, 7th level, Charisma 15


This Adamantite ring is composed of 8 tendrils that extend slightly up from the finger. Forged by Aldelthain Blackpyre in Isilanthillia in 4-18-231. Tempered in the blood of a doppelganger and heated by the elemental flames of the Hyyrcan Forge, the ring allowed Aldelthain to assume the form of Sir Kurgorn Red Thorn and assassinate Myskra Dreamwalker in the Battle of the Blue Sun. It is a surprisingly heavy ring that seems slightly warm to the touch.

The ring was aquired in the Forge of Urdorn Stonebender in the valley of Caulron’ Rock by Zhenais

Ring of the Body

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