Karak Dashinath

Tolisandarii War Drug


Made of the Thrice boiled bark of the Undyr Dashin tree, Karak Dashinath is rolled into pellets that are chewed. The make the user braver, stronger, faster and able to sustain extreme injury without dying.

  • Onset D4 rounds
  • +4 Strength
  • +4 Dex
  • x2 Con
  • +4 save vs Fear/Mind Effecting Spells

Duration 2 minutes per pellet
Side effects:

After Duration Fatigued for 5 Minutes
Multiple uses: While it taking multiple pellets simultaneous has no positive effects, it incurs the side effects of successive does. One can take a additional doses to postpone the negative side effects, there can be severe consequences.


Heal DC 15: Karak Dashinath is powerful war drug that makes warriors much more dangerous. Excessive use can have dire consequences on the users body

Heal DC 20: Multiple doses can kill or cripple the user

Heal DC 25: The physical and mental consequences of Karak Dashinath are unique to every user.

Heal DC 30: Karak Dashinath has extreme effects on the Fey, often causing permanent madness or death.

Karak Dashinath

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