Arrow: Clustershot

Arrows designed to be shot in tandom

weapon (ranged)

Aura weak transmutation, CL 5th
Price 50 GP

These arrows are inscribed with a spiral groove down the length of the haft and an eye-glyph on the head. They are designed to maintain accuracy when firing multiple arrows at the same time (such as with the Manyshot feat) by steering their paths toward the impact point of the first arrow. For a clustershot arrow to function, all arrows fired in the attack must have this property.

If the first arrow can deal sneak attack damage or is a critical hit, the remaining arrows from that shot can deal half normal sneak attack damage, and if they critically hit deal half normal critical hit damage.

The Second clustershot arrow uses the existing wound so it is not subject to Damage Resistance.

Construction Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, magic weapon


Arrow: Clustershot

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