Sir Kendrin of the Order of the Silver Gryphon

Sir Kendrin of The Iron Legion


Hero class haven paladin male

The son of the traitorous Count Anthar Linarist of Cilindale, Gargalind Linarist, fled his family to enlist in the Royal Army under the name of Kendrin. After the battle of 3 Firs, he was given leave to join the Iron Legion.

His deeds are recorded the Syyrdox Codex of the Books of Iron. After the Iron Legion overcame the armies of the dread sorcerer Bernhal Irongate, Kendrin was called to the join the Order of the Silver Gryphon and became a paladin. During his tenure as a paladin, when his duties allowed him, Sir Kaldrin continued to maintain a close association with the Iron Legion.

In 5-511 Eliban II returned, greatly changed and calling himself Osgrig the Grey. In 5-512 Sir Kendrin of The Iron Legion and The Three Champions of Hazifor slew him in his own hall. His final words were “Finally the Azure Star and the Iron Legion serve me. The Daelisian throne is no more."

Sir Kendrin Led the Iron Legion against the the Wraith Kings and despite some early victories, In the Battle of the Two Suns both the armies of the Wraith Kings and the remaining armies of Pelenhar were shattered. Standing side by side with King Galador III Kendrin was slain by Athenaril Mistwalker, one of the Wraith Lords,


Sir Kendrin of the Order of the Silver Gryphon

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