Dr Cyric Varn


While standing over 6 feet tall, Cyric Varn is hardly what one would call an imposing figure. His broad frame speaks more of comfort and security rather than violence or aggression.

His generally friendly demeanor naturally puts people at ease. When he gestures, his long, neatly maintained fingers move with an eloquence that reveals a precise nature and extreme dexterity. Although his hair line has begun to recede, he still has a full head of dirty brown hair. His goatee is of a darker value and is kept neatly trimmed. His deep blue eyes reveal a keen intelligence and sparkle when he makes a joke.

Even the briefest conversation with him will quickly reveal that he is a man of letters and able to discus most subjects with ease. His soft charisma allows him to be equally comfortable with individuals of all levels of the society. He often tells jokes and is quick to chuckle or grin.


He is a doctor of Vivomancy from the University of Kronisberg with citations in medicine, botany, husbandry and history.

He set sail for Pelenhar in hopes of researching many of the lost vivomantic arts and hoped to establish a collegium specializing in vivomancy and healing.

Dr Cyric Varn

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