Pelenhar the Damned

The Listener in the Dark

Coldrick the Eel secured the ties on his tent flap and made his way to the chest he kept next to his cot. Pulling the key from around his neck, he slid it into the tight fitting mechanism, turned it twice to the right and then, pulling it halfway out, rotated it back to the left. The decorative trim at the base slid out with and audible click. The small umarin looked about cautiously then slid the secret drawer out enough he could pull out the small octagonal mirror and in whisper barely louder then a breath “Sjene okupljaju , plašt mi u svom svjetlu , skrivati ​​me iz otkriva svjetla.”

Of it’s own volition the mirror began to slowly rotate, it silvered surface becoming darker and darker until it was as back as an assassins heart. When it became so dark that it seemed to draw the shadows of the room deeper about the tent, he pulled out a thin sheet of slate and a small silk pouch. He moved to sit comfortably on his cot he allowed him self a small, self satisfied smile, his front teeth revealed in rodentine fashion. His small dark eyes sparkled in in conspiratorial glee.

Wetting his lips for a final time, he drew the red strings back, opening the pouch and drawing out one of the three sticks of chalk that lay within. He held it firmly in his hand, revealing the seriousness that he placed upon the task at hand. Then with exacting precision he began to write in a small, pinch hand that allowed no eloquence but spoke in an exacting voice.

“Dread Master, I have arrived at the ”/wikis/calinthra" class=“wiki-page-link”>Calinthra and have established myself as a dealer in cloth. Forgive my having taken so long to report but there are too many prying eyes here for me to take any chances. The so called “Heroes of Arda” have indeed taken refuge here and are using the it as a base of operations.

They have made contact with and seem to have the support of Mistress Wren and her players and yet so far, their actions seem to be aimed against the Lady of Sorrows. Despite their having having destroyed Conivar and everyone living there, their reputation here and their behavior seems to indicate that they are far more in alignment with the Summer Court.

I know other agents will gather the details of their action since they have arrived in Annwyn and foreword it to you so that you can have a greater insight into their goals and actions so I will only mention such things if they pertain to my report. Their first foray from here was to seek out the Ancient Fortress of Stronarch Dol Nagard where the Earthen Seal had been. It seems that they were seeking to learn the fate of those heroes who shattered that artifact.

What they found there is unknown to me but I do know that they brought back something of great power and importance. Lady Wren herself has been involved in some way but they have kept it hidden. I know that they were transported back by the Doridvokt but upon examination that seems to be related to one of their number having violated their Peace Oath and having been brought back for trial. The Culprit was the bard Zulen who was reported to have been in love with the White Rose of Talithin and who fled here after the Night of the Bloody Harvest.

It seems he was compelled to strike at The paladin Nuru Othar, a servant of Karianor the Black Master of the Unguarded Waste. What makes this case more interesting is that as the Doridvokt was transporting them back, Nuru stepped back chose to remain in the north. No one knows why or what his plans are. I would worry that he has chosen to try to seek out the so called Sword Masters who managed to escape the Lady’s wrath.

Although they have suffered from a number of loses since they arrived an Annwyn, if they can recruit the Sword Masters to their cause they will become a greater threat to the Lady of Sorrows and Throne itself. One has to assume that this is why Lady Wren is giving them support.

They left the Calinthra almost two weeks ago by what exact means I’m unsure vut they will be doing some traveling by land. I know this because one of their allies, Sir Makli Thangail mount is no longer being attended by his entourage, nor has anyone seen the human cleric Ulric.

At this point I have only the basest of guess as to their destination but based on the amount of research they did on the subject, I suspect they may be seeking the Seal of Fire. As I say, this is a guess and more likely to be wrong then right but it can not hurt us to to keep our eyes upon the Bana Veld.

While they have associated themselves with those Ullinsidhe you would expect, there is one contact they have made that I think is worth mentioning. Sir Thangail and Brother Ulric were seen speaking to Nathris, the Imperial Herald. Given his behavior since the Night of the Bloody Harvest, these heroes connection with the bard Zullen and Sir Nuru’s choosing to remain in the north, I can’t help but wonder if there is a bigger game afoot and if there is perhaps another player who has yet to reveal themselves.



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