Pelenhar the Damned

Chapter 8: Interdude

Syrzach and Dyrg

Interlude 1

Once more within the waking world Syrzach and Dyrg quickly set to implementing the plan that they laid out while they had remained in that damnedable village. Dyrg usual placid nature had been replaced with a desire for bloody revenge and Syrzah… Syrzach had changed.

He had found some black sliverroot in the remains of a dried out lake. Chewing the desiccated tuber into a paste, he had prepared a salve for their wounds. While it had eased their pain and aided in the healing, it had had unintended consequences, their wounds had healed but in their place were scars that were black as subterranean water. Worse still was the fever that had wracked the Troglodytes body leaving him shaken and weak, haunted with visions, hearing the whispering voice of the Wings of Shadow.

That thunderous voice had softly talked to him, drawing him in, suggesting and guiding. That whispering song had shaken the world as it commanded him. In unremembered dreams it taught him three forgotten words of power and awakened in him an awareness of the Shadows that moved beneath the unblinking stars.

He felt consumed by a purpose and filled with a dark power to achieve it. He was a servant of the Wing of Shadows and all who did not bow to his lord would perish. He no longer wanted to return to his home and make a nest of the bones of his foes. He was beyond such petty desires. He was, the Voice of Shadows.

Dyrg had been concerned at the changes in his friend but in the twilight hours the pale troglodyte had whisper to him in a blasphemous tongue that would have shatter the mind of any born of man. Those words calmed his fears and promised him vengeance, power and protection from that he feared most. It had promised him blood.

* * * * *

Rising out of the brackish water of the Erl Fens, Syrzach looked at the camp that lay before him. He ran a clawed finger across the kern of skulls that had been placed as a warning to any who would dare encroach on the territory of the White Tongue Fang. To him it cautioned less than it invited.

A dike of swampbriar and strangleweed was subtly spun as a barrier to keep foes at bay. Anyone foolish enough to stumble into it would find their bones feeding the Erl. Unless you could sing the to it’s blood. Unless you to calm it’s hunger.

What lay beyond was a typical nest of the Finback. A large central nest surrounded by smaller nest of the worthy. A corral for slaves was nearby and judging from its size they were probably few and over used. Behind the egg ponds and the bone field was a small dwelling, adorned with skulls and symbols of power. There in was the old speaker, a servant of the Bonedrinker. He was ancient and his knowledge was substantial, his power was more so.

With the setting of the day fire, two additional patrols set forth from the camp. They didn’t see Syrzach, they wouldn’t. He turned and looked back the way he had come. Even though he couldn’t see Dyrg, he knew where his ally was. A simple signal conveyed his desire and a minute later the Barghest appeared at his side.

Syrzach pointed to the much-adorned structure and whispered to his friend. “Mark our destination and make yourself ready. When the blood sickle is at its zenith we go. We must be swift and silent for his power is great. Are you ready?” he asked with a long fanged smile. The beast grinned and he returned his eyes towards the camp.

* * * * *

The thin blade of the moon rode the night sky until she was ready to plunge down. Syrzach rose. “ Are you ready?” he asked. His canine companion nodded his head and bared his fangs. His black eyes deepened into pools of ebony as he grabbed the pale skinned troglodyte and stepped forward. Slipping between the waking world and the realm of shadows he slid, invisible, intangible across the moor, only to resolve himself with his companion at the entrance to the bone reader’s hut.

Syrzarch strode through the door with a reptilian arrogance as he confronted the elder lizardman. Before the former could act he spoke the first of the words of power that his master had taught him. The blasphemous utterance rocked the red scaled priest as he screamed in dismay into the void of silence that had descended around him.

Even so, he had not served the Bonedrinker these many years by being so easily overcome.

He called upon the Elements of Fire and wreathed himself in unforgiving flame whose heat alone began to set the interior of his abode to smoke and burn. He shaped the flame to a spear and stabbed at the intruder, barely missing as Syrzach dived backwards. A cruel smile passed his lips as he realized that the invader was not of his power despite the earlier evocation. Striding forward towards the skittering troglodyte, he raised his spear.

Dyrg acted less from courage then from an insinuated loyalty that overcame his terror at the sight of the towering immolation. He forgot his fear and the promises that had been made. Some remote beastal instinct of action propelled him forward.

The impact rocked the lizardman as he felt the Berghest’s taloned claws wrap around his throat. His terror at the growling mock face in front of him filled him with an adrenalin boosted burst of flame that consumed them both.

It was then that it became clear that Syrzachs promise that flame would shed from his fur like water was true. Pinning his foe by the throat he looked to his ally as he recovered. He grinned a grin that promised bloody death. By virtue of strength and leverage he forced the lizardman’s head up so the defeated priest had to look at the bone colored troglodyte one more time.

Eyes wide in terror, the bone reader watched the shadows that slid across the walls of his hut coalesce behind his foe only to flow with unnatural purpose and form into a pair of wings that spread wide and unaffected by flame across the burning ceiling, . To his horror he recognized the sign and knew the truth.

The Wings of Shadow were rising and all who lived would pay the price.

He didn’t feel the claws rend his chest.

He wasn’t aware that they broke trough his ribs.

His last thoughts were tormented with the nightmare of the shadows laughing at his failure and the acrid odor of sizzling blood as his heart was consumed by his own flames.


So teach me, please: Are these write-ups of what has happened during past games or are these little goings on between games? As a player jumping in, how should I approach these adventure logs? I don’t know which characters are players vs NPCs…

Chapter 8: Interdude

Matt, to answer your questions, these post were a combination of recap and transition, setting up the next session. They also allowed me to lay the groundwork for the next session without it consuming too much of the actual session. They weren’t intended as an actual full recap but rather to serve as a reminder of what happened in the last session for the participants.

Hopefully reading through it will serve a a good teaser to draw you into the campaign.

The interlude was another teaser but also is an epilogue for what happened to the the parties opposition from the 1st story arch and maybe hint some things to come. It’s all "Out of Character (OOC) knowledge.

As far as who’s who, you can check the character tab. but I’ll give you and Greg the run down.

The party is composed of;

  • Zhenais, A Human Sorceress
  • LaKota, A Human Ranger
  • Mako, A Human Wizard
  • Wylie, a half elvish Magus (a fighter/wizard class)

They are traveling in the company of a human Vivomancer (A wizard who focuses on the element of life) by the name of Cyric Varn. Of all the party he suffered the worst in the land of the dead and his mental condition is still not completely recovered.

Szaric and Dyrg are a Troglodyte and Bhargest who were in the land of the dead, seeking to acquire an item that the party gained possession of. The party drove them off before escaping the returning to the land of the living.

I would invite everyone to give a better description of their character and feel free to add in any details of the events they think should be added.

Finally as far as the adventure logs, to date they are not something that would be public knowledge, but if the players tell you about these events after you meet them, feel free to use them as a point of reference.

Chapter 8: Interdude

Boy do I hate these guys (lizard guy and wolfboy, not our party ha ha).

Chapter 8: Interdude

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