Pelenhar the Damned

Chapter 6: Embers of tomorrow

Mako stared at the charred ruins of the inn. This was twice he had burned it down along with its ghostly proprietress. Twice he had watched it consumed by flame. Twice he had struggled his way out of it’s burning frame but the taste of victory was turning to ash.

The first time it had happened, it set his heart pounding, dodging flying furniture proppeled by the skeletal visaged guardian. He had been the one to see through the illusion and he had been the one to destroy the necromantic trap. He had smiled as the the unseen pyromentals had crawled their way across the floors and walls, consuming all in their wake. The smoke had rose like a pillar in tribute to his success.

The second time wasn’t as satisfying. Not only had it felt like he had done it all before but there was the haunting realization that the inn would probably reappear again. There must be a way of destroying it for good but he had no idea how. Worse still was Cyric’s cryptic comments that indicated that everything he had experienced since he had awoke in the crematorium had happened before, that they were trapped in a cycle of events.

Whatever they had to do to escape, they hadn’t done it. Not yet, not this time. If they were repeating a cycle of events, it was clear that they had died before they had found a way out. That suggested that the barrow and it’s undead guardians might be the key. It was their that two of their numbers had already fallen, barely escaping with their life. If there was a deadlier location about, they hadn’t found it and by all measures, it was probably a good thing.

There was also the question remaining, what if they cleared the barrow and still didn’t find a way to be free, then what. They would have to ask themselves if their behavior was keeping them here. Was there something in their choices that was keeping them from the solution. Cyric’s refusal to go underground? LaKota’s refusal to talk about how she awoke or go near the site? Mako’s own dreams where he again and again had the sickening sensation of being immersed in ocean?

What hadn’t they done? What did they need to do? What if it didn’t matter and they were cursed to play the same part in this poor production, again and again and again?


Very cool and Ariel will love it but who is Macha?

Chapter 6: Embers of tomorrow

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